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Ecosmo Mountain Bike (Non-Folding)

Ecosmo Mountain Bike (Non-Folding)

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This superb Hardtail Mountain Bike is packed with premium features, including front-suspension, disk brakes and Lantu gears. The perfect choice for exploring the countryside as you tour around on your holidays. With Free UK Next Day Delivery, you could be riding your new MTB tomorrow!

Ecosmo Mountain Bike

This fantastic rigid frame mountain bike is an ideal companion as you tour around the Great British Countryside. Our rigid frame mountain bike gives you all the performance you would expect from a premium mtb, as well as great features including disk brakes, suspension forks, grippy tyres and Lantu gears.

This Mountain Bike is shipped 85% assembled, so some additional work is required to finish the bike before you can start enjoying it. The front wheel needs to be attached and the brakes, handlebars, wheels and seat post will also require adjustment or attachment when you receive it. Safety is paramount, so if you are not confident doing these yourself, we advise you to get it done by a skilled bike mechanic for your safety. It is important to make sure your bike is set up to suit your own particular riding style. Most local bike shops offer a set-up service, plus there are hundreds of independent bicycle engineers around the UK.

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