Best Commuter Ebike

Best Commuter Ebike

Ebikes – Ideal For Commuting

Our lightweight, compact eBike is equipped with an alloy frame that folds down to a fraction of its original size, giving you flexibility on your commute to work. An internal battery and reliable hub motor provides extra pedal power, but what makes it so much more than just a bicycle is the most fun bicycle we’ve ever made!

Electric City Bikes

The Ecosmo City e-bike gives you a fantastically fun way to cut through the traffic on the way to College, University or work. With our range of compact ebikes, commuting has never been easier, especially if part of y our journey has to be made by train. When you arrive at the station, simply unclip the patented quick-release hinges and the bike folds down in seconds. You can now carry your lightweight commuter ebike straight onto the train with great ease. When you arrive at your station – just fold the frame back into place, secure the clips and away you go.

Depending on the model of the e-bike, the motor can give the rider a boost of up to 15 miles per hour. It can be difficult to distinguish it from a normal road bike or mountain bike, but as soon as you pedal you can feel the difference! The ultra-reliable brushless hub-motor makes cycling to work completely effortlessly. An e-bike is an electrically assisted bicycle equipped with an electric motor that does not exceed 750 watts of power. Incredibly versatile, these bikes can cover long distances and allow riders with limited physical abilities to explore outdoors.

E-bikes have been around for years, but recent technological advances have made batteries smaller, lighter, cheaper, and they last longer too, which has improved the usefulness, attractiveness, and affordability of these machines. Modern e-bikes often look indistinguishable from conventional bikes and have robust battery technology that is able to detect when a rider needs a helping hand on a hill or in headwinds or when you accelerate from a standing start. They are not just meant as a means of overcoming physical fitness limitations, and ebike usage has expanded to those who wish to ride further or need to carry heavy loads.

Electric Mountain Bikes

Our emountain bikes are built for almost any terrain and, due to the lightweight frame, can be much lighter than conventional pedal bikes. The motor gives you the opportunity to power up hills and take-on terrain you previously thought impossible, opening up new adventures as you explore the countryside. A built-in LED display on the handlebars allows drivers to monitor battery life, check the current speed while also looking at the distance covered. When the electric drive is switched off, the electric mountain bike handles and performs as you would expect any premium mountain bike to.

Although fantastic for cutting through traffic, or going off-road, the emountain bike does not offer the same flexibility if your commute involves a train journey.

Realistically, the best option for cycling to work is a compact, lightweight city bike, giving you greater flexibility while being easy to maneuver up and down stairs, or be stored easily while not in use. Ecosmo offer a wide range of brilliant electric commuter bicycles, so feel free to take a look at our fantastic selection and choose the right bike for you.

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