5 Reasons Why Folding Bikes Are Best

5 Reasons Why Folding Bikes Are Best

The folding bike is becoming more and more popular as people appreciate the benefits of being able to fold a bicycle down with ease for carrying or storage. However, foldable bicycles have been around for decades, so why the sudden increase in demand now?

Previously, a fold-up bicycle was a niche requirement (synonymous with leather elbow-patched eccentrics), but as our roads become ever more crowded, and storage is at a premium, the folding bicycle has established it’s well-deserved place as a transport icon. Typically, the contemporary fold-up bicycle user will fall into one of 5 main categories, so let’s look at each to understand why folding bicycles have become so popular.

Collapsible Bikes for Commuting

Over the last few years, the increase in sales of foldable bikes has been driven by an increase in people choosing to commute by bicycle. This is especially significant for those who’s commute incorporates a train journey, as having the ability to fold their bicycle down means that they do not have to pre-book bike spaces on the train. The Great British weather doesn’t always make for the best riding conditions, but the flexibility of a foldable bike means that last minute route changes can be made, as you may decide to hop on public transport to avoid a sudden downpour.

Due to clever hinge designs and light (but incredibly strong) alloy frames, even cycling purists are leaving the static frame bikes at home when setting off for work. Combined with high-spec features such as disk-brakes and premium all-weather tyres, being able to store your bicycle under a desk while you work has made the 20″ lightweight folding commuter bike an unbeatable option.

Easy To Store Bicycles For Narrowboat Owners

Its such an idyllic lifestyle, ambling along the canals and waterways in a narrowboat. This gentle experience can only be improved by having a foldable bicycle stowed away on board, giving you the freedom to explore the towpaths and bridleways that surround you. With a wide variety of frame styles, you can find a folding bike for almost any terrain, from lightweight micro-bicycles to folding mountain bikes.  Each come with premium hardwearing tyres, making effortless work of even the most rugged riding surface. Collapsing the bike down to a fraction of its unfolded size means that storage is simple and you can keep your bike inside your boat, rather than having to stow it on the roof.

No More Bike Racks For Caravan & Motorhome Owners

As you tour the countryside in your caravan or camper, there’s no better way to really get to know each place you visit than taking to the country lanes on a bicycle. Much like narrowboat owners, caravan and motorhome users are often restricted by space. Yes, bike racks are an option, but not everybody wants to lift a cumbersome rigid-framed bicycle and attach it to a rack on the back of your vehicle each time you depart. Lightweight folding bikes offer the most convenient way to load and store a bike, whilst not compromising on ride quality. With so many different frame styles to choose from, its easy to find the perfect bicycle to suit your needs, whilst also offering a much more convenient way to be transported and stored.

Convenience & Protection For Air Travellers

Flying with a rigid framed bike is always a hassle, so much so, that specialist bike boxes are often required simply to protect it from other items in the cargo hold. The most common cycles used for travelling are lightweight and 16” wheel folding bicycles, that fold down small enough to fit into a protective rucksack. Having the ability to place it in a protective folding bicycle carry-bag offers peace of mind, and greater convenience upon arrival at your destination. And with premium features including all-terrain tyres, suspension and disk-brakes, the folding bikes are often feature-rich in comparison to the rigid-frame alternative.

The Benefits of Folding Bicycles For Parents

Moving to a folding bike doesn’t mean compromising on style. Some of the most popular styles of ladies’ bicycles are now available with folding frames, such as this traditional ladies bike with a wicker basket.

With all Ecosmo bikes, the folding mechanisms are so well designed that the bikes are easy to fold down and the hinge provides a robust joint when fixed in position. Subject to lightweight materials, such as composite alloys, fold-up bikes are easy to lift into your vehicle. When folded down, they will take up less than half of a standard car boot, leaving plenty of room for your child’s bike.

So, for those adhoc trips to the park, taking your own your bicycle is just as easy as taking your child’s bike. You don’t have to reconnect the chain, or use any tools – the frame simply unfolds and the hinge clip locks into place, so all you need to do is make sure your seat is the right height before departing on your ride.

Shimano gears and disk brakes are commonplace on most contemporary folding bike models, so there is no compromise on ride quality, either.

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