The most experienced Folding Bike manufacturer in the world, our base in Birmingham, UK, gives the ability to offer next day delivery of folding bicycles throughout Great Britain, and beyond. Ecosmo are the UK’s number one provider of bicycles that are designed to fold down for convenience. Ideal for those who like to explore the countryside in a caravan or motorhome, and commuters that need a convenient, lightweight bicycle to commute and store with ease. Ecosmo Folding Bikes are made in our own factory, giving us complete control over quality and efficiency. This allows us to keep costs low, making us the best-value folding bike brand in Europe.

Take a look at our range and choose the right Folding Bicycle for your journey!


Ecosmo have a fantastic range of Folding Ladies Bikes that are robust and built to cope with any terrain. What’s more, they also fold down to half the size, allowing you to transport or store your bike with ease when you are not out enjoying it.

Foldable Ladies bicycles are perfect for those who do not have a great deal of storage space, or like to take their bike with them as they travel around the country. Ideal for motorhome tourers, boat owners, and those that need the bike to fit into the boot of a car.


Ecosmo foldable tandem bicycles are perfect for those who love to get out into the great outdoors and share their experience with a friend or partner. You don’t only get to share the experience, but also the workload too!

Whats more, our folding tandem bicycles are able to be folded down to less than half the original size, making storage and transportation far simpler. With our patented clip design, your foldable tandem can folded up or down in seconds.

Home Of The Folding Bicycle

Whether you are looking for an eBike to help you power along country pathways, or a lightweight, collapsable bicycle to cut through the traffic on the daily commute, Ecosmo have the right bike for you.

Ecosmo continually innovate to ensure our range contains feature-packed bicycles of the very highest quality for your convenience. You can view our complete range, select fantastic features and choose your next electric or folding bicycle in our online store. If you are still not sure what kind of bike is best for you, feel free to get in touch and we’ll guide you through the range.

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An Ecosmo foldable bike is a great way to make the most of the outdoors, whilst also economising on space when your bike is not in use. Our patented hinge design means that our bicycles don’t suffer reduced rigidity or frame strength, and will comfortably deal with anything even the toughest routes have to offer.

This has allowed us to produce some really unique folding cycles, including the UK’s only folding electric tandem bike – we even took this a step further and added an electric powered option. As a result, Ecosmo are the only manufacturer of folding tandem and electric folding tandem bicycles in the UK!

Whether you are looking for folding mountain bikes, an ebike or a ladies folding bike, Ecosmo have the perfect bike for all!


Ecosmo Bikes are designed to fold down with the minimum of effort – just flip the quick-release clips and your bicycle will reduce down to save space within seconds. When you are ready to ride again, unfold the frame, secure the clips and you are ready to enjoy your day.

Our folding bikes are built to last, with robust hinges and strong frames that are designed to cope with daily use. With a multitude of styles available, including electric motors, leather saddles, suspension and disk brakes, our feature-packed range is guaranteed to contain your ideal bike.

So if you need to hop on and off a train during the daily commute, or want to save space as you tour the continent in your motorhome, our lightweight folding bicycles are the perfect partner for every adventure you take!


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