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Ecosmo is a UK based company offering quality bikes & electric bike accessories, supplying the UK and Europe online. All our goods are directly from the factory without the middlemen so we are able to offer the most competitive price. 
We have 10 years online bikes selling experience, and have a big warehouse in Birmingham UK, so We are confident of our ability to deliver great quality bikes & ebike parts at the earliest time, and we always ensure our customer service is second to none. That's why our customers always come back again!
Nowadays, it's important for us to live the low-carbon life. The first thing we can do is to ride the bikes.Because firstly, bikes are  cheaper than cars. Secondly,it's easy to find the place to park bikes. Thirdly, bikes don't need the petrol to run so won't produce the dirty air. Finally,we can ride bikes to keep fit. Let's ride the bikes to get a green environment!